Make it simple, personal, fun...

For more than two decades, I have decorated hundreds of homes, from million dollar mansions to modest bungalows. Almost every time, the owners call me for one primary reason - they are overwhelmed. There are just too many choices in paint colors, furniture styles, artwork, lighting. And that's only the beginning!

As a designer, I help each of my clients make choices that fit with their personalities, lifestyles, and the architecture of the house itself. Rather than imposing a particular style, fad or trend, I let them and their homes speak to me. Through this interactive process, each home becomes a unique sanctuary with all the elements of comfort.

Now I have created a system that simplifies this process for you. By narrowing down your choices, you will find the freedom and confidence to express your personal style.

Allison Smith Color Seasons is a collection of 16 palettes inspired by the four seasons in nature. Among these palettes you will find one that best fits your personality, features and style. It will become the basis for all your decorating decisions.

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